“Your reputation is in the hands of others. That’s what the reputation is. You can’t control that. The only thing you can control is your character.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

Rebekah Basinger, Basinger Consulting (Fundraising Counsel and Board Education)
Anthony Blair, President, Evangelical Seminary (Myerstown, PA)
Woody Dalton, Senior Pastor, Harrisburg Brethren In Christ Church
Edie Daubert, Retired Project Manager, Department of Health & Human Services, Commonwealth of PA
Dan Eisenhauer, Director, Dauphin County Office of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
Theresa Eshbach, Retired Development Executive and Consultant
Chris Fitz, Executive Director, Community Engagement, Advoz
Phil Guarneschelli, CEO, PinnacleHealth System
Paul Wessell, Esq., Rhoads and Sinon (Retired)
Tim Whelan, Executive Director, Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities


“Steve has brought steady and self-sacrificing leadership, faith-filled vision and complete integrity to Brethren Housing Association these past 11 years. He continued to build BHA’s involvement and reputation in the Allison Hill community and City of Harrisburg as a nonprofit that gets things done and that can be relied upon as dependable partner in what ever effort in which it is involved. He also leaves behind an organization that is much stronger than the day he walked in the door, a BHA that is ready to carry on the BHA vision that Steve has done so much to help develop. He leaves behind big shoes to fill.”
Paul Wessell, Esq.
Partner, Rhoads and Sinon (Retired)
(Long-time BHA President/Vice-President/Treasurer)

“I have worked with Steve for the past 3 years on a project that was near and dear to both of us. Steve was awesome to work with on this project, his follow up and organizational skills were second to none. I really enjoyed working with him, he makes fund raising easy.”
Philip W Guarneschelli
CEO, Pinnacle Health System
(Colleague at BHA)

“In a world where charisma and self-promotion pass as leadership, Steve’s commitment to leading from the position of servant is a breath of fresh air. He is competent, knowledgeable, and innovative, and yet the work is never about him. Steve’s great joy comes in seeing individuals and families change for the better and from inviting others into that work. I am grateful to be included among the ‘others.'”
Rebekah Burch Basinger
Consultant for Fundraising and Board Education
(Colleague at BHA)

“I am pleased to provide my highest recommendation for Steve Schwartz. Steve has consistently proven himself as a community leader in the Capital Region. The outstanding service provided by Steve has assisted our community in developing an exemplary response to homelessness in one of our region’s poorest neighborhoods. I personally have worked with Steve on developing and enhancing homeless assistance and housing services in the City of Harrisburg and County of Dauphin for more than a decade. Through these efforts, I have seen the exemplary quality of his work as well as his uncompromised integrity. His energy is unrivaled, and it results in a successful track record.”
Tim Whelan
Executive Director, Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities
(Colleague at BHA)

“In working with Steve, I have observed him as a deeply committed, hardworking leader who is eager to meet and exceed organizational goals. His positive interaction with established, new, and prospective donors have resulted in several successful financial campaigns and building projects directed by him.”
Theresa Eshbach
Retired Development Executive and Consultant
(Colleague at BHA)

“I have known Steve Schwartz for about 12 years and have crossed paths with Steve in a number of ways. I have had the privilege of working with Steve as a colleague on the Board of the Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness, as a contracted provider of services to homeless people, and most importantly as a leader in our community. He is a humble, competent, and quiet leader with great integrity. I have always been impressed with Steve’s work at BHA, the compassion of his staff, the way he embraces staff development, his eagerness to learn. And I admire his ability to take concepts about supporting people and staff and put them into practice. Steve is results oriented, and he does things the right way.”
Dan Eisenhauer
Director, Dauphin County Office of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
(Colleague at BHA)

“I had the pleasure of working with Steve several years ago. Steve’s passion, pride, dedication, and extraordinary leadership skills are just a few of countless positive qualities he possesses. Not only will Steve be a benefit to any endeavor that requires strong leadership and team-building skills, he will do so with a smile on his face. And that smile becomes contagious to all around him! I highly recommend him for any team-building or leadership position. There aren’t many like Steve out there!”
Edie Daubert, Retired Project Manager, Department of Health & Human Services, Commonwealth of PA
(Project Supervisor when I was at Computer Aid)

“There are leaders you admire and leaders you hire, and often they’re not the same people. Steve Schwartz is both…a strategic, compassionate, intelligent, experienced, successful leader who also has a great sense of humor and a deep sense of mission. He walks what he talks.”
Anthony Blair
President, Evangelical Seminary
(College Professor/Thesis Advisor during my time at Eastern University)